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Why professional headshots?

Why professional headshots?

Professional headshots are great if you:

· Already have a business or are about to start one. Headshots can be used on your website, business cards, in email signatures, newsletters, banners. They can help you to create your branding. After all, people always prefer to know who they are doing business with.

·  Are looking for a job and want to use it on social media;

·  Are interested in online dating and want to impress;

·  Need an update of an existing headshot. Faces and hairstyles change, so it is worth updating your headshots every few years to reflect this.

What’s wrong with using my own photos?

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. A photo that you have taken yourself will, quite simply, look like you’ve taken it yourself. Using your own camera, even if it’s a high-quality one, won’t allow you to capture that moment just before you laugh, or that glint in your eye as you talk about your passions.

The same goes for photographs that your friends take of you. Unless they are experienced photographers themselves, they will likely lack the skills and expertise that are necessary in order to convey your message.

A professional photographer, on the other hand, will use their expertise to capture your personality. They do this in the way they position you, and in what they say to you in order to evoke those warm, spontaneous expressions that make you look approachable and professional.

Their in-depth knowledge of lighting and composition, combined with high-quality equipment, that can be adjusted and controlled as the need arises, will capture you at your very best. These things just cannot be replaced by a home-made photo.

headshot photographer cambridge

“Onur is very personable and professional and the session was fun. I loved that I received the photos the same day and I now have a much more confident online presence” Alexandre Winkels – Cambridge University Lecturer

If you’re thinking about a headshot, you might want to consider a professional to do it for you. Why not having a look at my headshot gallery or Contact me for a free consultation.