Professional photographer in Cambridge

 First of all, I’m very excited to tell you about my recent photo shoot with Tui Malten. I met her when I was doing publicity shots for the Samuel Barber’s award-winning opera “Vanessa”. She was the lighting designer and I was very impressed by her talent immediately. After a couple of months, she called me and booked her photoshoot for some publicity and also, to use on her own website. I was very flattered by her calling me instead of any professional photographer in Cambridge.

On the day of the photoshoot, I was a bit nervous, to be honest. She is a lighting artist and I was praying she would like my lighting I make for her photos. Ironically she was a bit nervous too which I think very common for anyone having a photoshoot. But after a bit of chat, we both felt at our ease almost immediately.

She also made a comment that she finds booking a photoshoot is more difficult than booking an appointment with her dentist 🙂 I really value a good sense of humour and find it very helpful to connect on the day of photoshoot.

After 2 hours of photo shoot, we were both happy with the amounts of photos I took and started to choose our favourites with a cup of tea. She really knows what she likes as an artist and I gave her a hand to complete. Believe me, I have experienced that choosing the photos may take even longer than the photoshoot itself 🙂

Eventually, I am very happy with the photo shoot and more importantly, she is very happy with the results. She already recommended me to some of her friends and family which is very flattering. It was great, and productive day which made me very happy!