How to take better pictures with your mobile?

You don’t really need to invest in a very expensive camera to take great pictures! Here are my top tips on how to take better pictures with your mobile.

I want to start my article with a quote by American Photographer Chase Jarvis. “the best camera is the one that’s with you”

Photographers (including myself) love to upgrade gear as much as they can. Buying a lens which is sharper, with a wider aperture, lighter, longer reach etc. But usually, professional camera equipment is heavier than compact or mirrorless cameras. Nowadays there are even full frame mirrorless cameras which are lighter than most of the DSLR’s. No surprises here they are rather expensive.

So, what we want is a lightweight camera, which takes good enough pictures and not too expensive! it sounds like our mobile phone camera would do the job if we know what we are doing and what we expect from it. Nowadays mobile phone cameras are extremely capable. Especially a lot of Apple iPhone and some high-end Android phones take fantastic pictures.

The composition is the key I love to see National Geographic photographers posting pictures taken by their mobiles. They never cease to amaze me indeed. At the end of the day, we need to remember camera is just a tool to capture what we see and helping us to tell our stories.

Get closer Mobile phone cameras take very good macro shots. If you want to capture a flower or a subject you are at the right place. Don’t think it will not be good enough quality. They let you get closer to subjects more than our expensive lenses unless you have a macro lens.

Mobile cameras are fast My favorite street photography tool is my iPhone. It is small, fast, invisible and always with me. You can frame and take your shot in less than a second. No camera can do that unless you are using like f11 and pre-focus!

Don’t zoom, don’t add a¬†filter and don’t add fake blur Mobile phone cameras are great but it is good not to expect miracles. When you zoom you will have a horrible picture quality. It is a better idea to crop if you need closer pictures. You can edit your pictures instead of adding filters. Filters add too much grain, saturation, and colour to your images. Adjusting shadows, highlights, contrast, and brightness will make your pictures look great.

Why don’t you post your favourite photos taken by your mobile camera below and get my critique!