Corporate portraits and PR images on location

Recently I have been asked to take some corporate portraits and some PR style images on location for Cambridge based company Annesley Gandon. Over the past several months, I noticed a big increase of enquiries for is PR style images and location portraits. I personally think on site photography is a great marketing tool and one of the easiest ways of communicating the vision of the company without words.

Showing the employees at work gives the clients a good sense of the company and how it feels to work with the particular team or department. I also believe that seeing people at work creates a rapport, builds trust and confidence.

I really enjoyed with Annesley Gandon┬áteam and they were extremely helpful and easy to work with. We created a range of portraits, headshots and PR style images for their website, annual reports and social media use. I don’t usually have behind the scene images but this time I was lucky to be photographed at work by the team.