Actors Headshots in Cambridge

Recently I have been approached by Clelia for some headshots for her daughter Bowie. She is a talented young model and she needed a set of new headshots for her acting career.

Actors Headshots Cambridge

I always love to work with actors which is always fun, enjoyable and reminds me how much I love working with them. What I do with actors headshots is to capture them as neutral as they are. I believe it is crucial to display their raw character to others. It also helps the casting agencies to see them as they are without any mask on them.

What I offer during actors headshots are:

  • Posing coaching,
  • A range of lighting options which will create different moods,
  • Clothing and colour combination advice,
  • Building confidence and making sure it appears on your headshots,
  • Help with choosing the right images for your portfolio and polishing your images on photoshop.

It was very easy to work with Bowie as she is so talented and beautiful. Some people are born lucky and look good whatever you do in front of the camera. Some people aren’t as lucky and you need to work slightly more to make them look photogenic. I believe the photographer must take the responsibility to make people look photogenic and good on the photos. Every human being has beauty in them and making sure it appears on the final photos is photographers job.


Actors Headshots Cambridge Actors headshots cambridgeActors Headshots Cambridge










Have a look at my actors headshots gallery if you are looking for a headshot photographer to update your headshots and get in touch for further information or for a free consultation.